Walk with us.

From Hip Hop’s genesis in the Bronx in the 70s, when the people and the city were under siege, around the world, through to right here, right now, we see how Hip hop artists continue to engage their communities; Informing, questioning, challenging and confronting established social structures.

Often raw, self-produced and unfiltered it allows a pure and honest communication between artist and audience, what is worn becomes an integral part of the message.

It’s more than just a musical genre and pop cultural phenomenon, hip hop is a movement and art form that seeks to speak the truth, represent and educate.

This fashion became part of the revolution of self, and in the late 80's and 90s we saw a distinctive wave of self made artists, new forms of dressing became a powerful tool in showcasing a unique identity. Bold designs expressed positive messaging around community and solidarity, and gave people from every walk of life a voice. This all continues to feed, inspire and encourage us to empower our peers and strengthen our message of unity and solidarity, that keeps us engaged, informed and motivated.